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Never Miss a Great Deal again !! Never Ever Again !! 




SweetAs was started by a couple of likely lads in Queenstown in 2010 as a group buying website and is now owned and operated by a typical hard working Kiwi crew who have developed SweetAs into a product deal website where you can pick up some SWEET gear for awesome prices.


We're a small company (and want to stay that way) who's mission in life is to source the best products from NZ and overseas we can find and sell them to our loyal and (we genuinely believe this) best looking customer base in the WORLD! And because we deal with specific suppliers who give us excellent prices we can pass these savings on.  40-90% off is not too bad we think.  We are very enthusiastic about promoting NZ made products when we find the right ones.  We also have the $5 DEAL once a month to really spice things up!  So keep an eye out for those


All the gear we sell is in stock and either shipped from us directly or from our featured seller.  So the aim is to get your items to you within an exceptable time period. We'll be clear with you on that.  We make sure our shipping rates are the best available on the market. 


We believe that your private information should stay that way and it will when you deal with SweetAs.  We will keep it securely locked in grandads old briefcase and buried in a secret location in the backyard that only 2 trusted people and 1 dog know about.

Customer service is our middle name (not really as that would just be weird) but we're here to help so if you have something you need help with anything please contact us through the Contact Page.


Register now to get on the SweetAs ride and become one of the best looking customer base in the World.  And if you know any chiefs of industry (business owners) tell them to contact us about blatantly promoting their business or product. 

You can contact us at